Daniel Winters & The 60’s Rewind

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Short Bio for Daniel Winters & The 60’s Rewind

This year Daniel is bringing his 60s Rewind Show, so get ready to start “Daydream Believing”! “Twist & Shout” all night long and take a “Summer Holiday” back to the 60s!

This talented performer will have your guests on their feet in no time and shouting for more.

A rich career in entertainment both on stage and off has given Daniel an added performance quality unrivalled in his field. It’s clear to see, when watching him perform, why Daniel is in such high demand for corporate and private events. His ability to adapt his show to suit all audiences has given him a leading edge in the tribute genre. His attention to detail and exceptional ability to mimic the character he portrays ensures endless possibilities for this young entertainer

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  • Build Me Up Buttercup
  • Sleepy Gene
  • My Girl
  • Sweet Caroline
  • I’m a Believer
  • I Want to Hold Your Hand
  • And Many More…