Bon Jovi & Dedicated To Rock Show

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Short Bio for Bon Jovi & Dedicated To Rock Show

Ian Frankel is the regarded as one of the best Bon Jovi tribute artists in the UK. Known for his specialist knowledge of everything rock he is ideal for music venues who appreciate his powerful rock vocals and dynamic stage performance. Ian was lead singer with Europe’s premier Bon Jovi tribute Showband.

Bring the Bon Jovi concert experience to your venue with this high octane show!

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  • Bon Jovi
  • Aerosmith
  • Guns N Roses
  • Journey
  • Def Leopard
  • Alice Cooper
  • Metallica
  • Undertones
  • Blink 182
  • Poison
  • The Darkness
  • Green Day
  • Bryan Adams
  • And Many More…