Albert Higginbottom

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Short Bio for Albert Higginbottom

Albert Higginbottom is the alter-ego of one Dom Collins, famous Manchester singer-songwriter, comedian, scriptwriter and raconteur.

Albert Higginbottom lives back in a not too distant, Lancashire past, where he recalls all of the things that we used to know and love. When the world was a much slower, friendlier place. Where you could go on a ‘proper night out’ with a ‘ten-bob note’, and still come home with change…

Albert has sifted through the most popular Lancashire songs — ones that everyone knows, can sing along to and added to that a plethora of fabulous nostalgic wit. All of this, of course, in the style of ‘back then’… No jokes that you wouldn’t tell your Grandma (or grandkids!), and certainly no bad language!

It’s a show for all the family, where those that remember it for real will have a whale of time getting their deepest memories jostled – and the ones that weren’t there will most likely be amazed by the way things were back then! You can even sample nostalgia sweets from the ‘Penny Tray’…

All in all – a brilliant night out for all.

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  • Welcome To Lancashire
  • Match Stalk Men
  • New Years Eve 1965
  • The Minors Of The ABC
  • A Girl Called Chips
  • Last Orders
  • As Kids We Went to Blackpool
  • The Sound Of Silence
  • Our Kid
  • Liverpool Lou
  • Ee By Gum Its Cowd
  • And many, many more…